Pressing a button to toggle another buttons visibility on another page

I’m still new to bubble and I have made a enable likes button to my settings page and when I press it I hope to show the like button which is otherwise not visible on the home page. I have read several other articles about sending parameter values however it is to no avail, any suggestions ?

Probably the quickest and easiest way would be to create a new data type called settings and have a boolean (Yes/No) field for “Like Button”. You could also add more of your “Settings” values to this data type as well.

On your settings page have a toggle for your Like Button setting. Save the value to that data type.

On each page, on page load, check the value of that field in the data type and show or hide the button respectively.

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For some reason whenever I want to find the button on show an element it does not appear for me, it is in a repeating group, the repeating group itself shows but the contents inside don’t, I honestly feel like this is plain and obvious and my head just can’t wrap around it

So yeah I’ve changed everything and it seems to be correct however when I get to the point where I need to show the element “like button” that is located in the repeating group I cannot find the “like button” itself

Set the visibility of the button to hidden by default in the settings for the button. Then go to the “Conditional” tab for the button and set a condition to “Do A Search For” the value of that field in the “Settings” table and then set the condition to make the button visible when the condition is true.

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