Pretty mail plugin

Hi all,
I can really use your help, what is a good plugin for the below usecase?

Usecase: When users start their new campaign they receive a mail with an invite for their agenda: it should be a repeating appointment, prefereably with reminder, which helps them remebber they need to do something.

Right now I use the Bubble standard to send the mail, but it it not…pretty:

Which plugin can be used to customize the mail and where possible include an invite for a repeating appointment _with reminder?

If you use mailchimp or sendgrid, you can create templates through those platforms and use them for sending emails! You’ll just need to specify the template ID for the workflow :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will look into them!
Any preference? Which one is better from a privacy perspective?

I typically collect emails with mailchimp and send emails through sendgrid (for specific users).

If I want to send a marketing campaign, I’ll do it through mailchimp directly. Again, sendgrid for specific workflow actions.

In terms of privacy, I’m not really sure what you mean, maybe someone else can advise on this.