Prevent a map from tilting when zoomed-in

I have a map element that the user has to zoom and drag to get it centered on a feature so I can retrieve its coordinates.
Problem is that when the map is zoomed-in at level 18 or 19 it automatically tilts to display 3D features. That makes it impossible for me to get the correct coordinates. I need to prevent the map from tilting.

When the map is displayed it shows a button that lets toggle tilting on and off but I couldn’t find a way to display the map with the tilting set to off.

I hope the image here makes it clearer…

Hi everybody,
as I still haven’t found any solution I’ll try posting a simpler question.

I’ve found on the forum someone suggesting to add this CSS in the ‘Page HTML Header’ to get rid of the map controls:

.gm-style-mtc, .gm-svpc {
display: none !important;

Unfortunately I could’n get it to work.
Anyone having any suggestion?

Many thanks