Prevent double names

Hi all,

i had a little form to register teams, for example team 1, team 2, team 3, kids 1, kids 2, kids 3 etc.

Is it possible (i think so) when anyone register for example team1 (without space) i do a search for team 1 (with space) so i can send a popup thats the name is already chosen?

ps; uppercase/lowercase isnt a problem because i use :lowercase to fill te record.



I use Plugin RegExp )))

Thanks for the quick response, i’ll give it a try.
Can you give me a little example how the code should look like with the plugin when i add team1 and team 1 (with space) already exist?



allright, is it also possible to always add a space between last letter and first number?
So when a user adds team1 its written to the database as team 1?

team1=team 1=t e a m 1
The plugin removes all spaces

hmm okay, thats the other way. I prefer to auto add a space between the last letter and first number…i will try something.
Thanks for you help