Prevent Duplicate Entries into a Type

Example If i am creating a Standard Task it should validate before creating a new task , Also If the Uniqueness is to be maintained based on some other field Project-id+Task-Name How can the same be achieved.

AutoNumber be generated e.g. Project-Id on Save and display appropriate notification with the New Number generated

If you really just want to make sure there is a unique identifier, Bubble does that automatically with the Unique ID.

If you want to have a unique identifier that incorporates the Project ID+Task Name you can use the Slug feature which will have the affect of autonumber when it finds duplicates of the same type.

Hey ,
My understanding is that evertime we create a new thing a Slug is generated for every row ,
My user scenario is if i am creating a New Task e.g. Task A under a Project A then a Unique combination Project A-Task A should prevent creation of a duplicate row.

So you want unique entries. Then you should do a search to constrain and check the count.

i see, i thought the slug automatically adds a number if there’s already a slug of the same name… so we just create a condition right? like “if slug already exists” then add(number)?

No, if a entry of the same data type already exists with the same slug, Bubble will automatically append a number value

awesome, thanks!

what i did was, create a dedicated data type for a number field which increments by 1 everytime a new thing gets created. then i append that number to the slug everytime it gets created. :slight_smile: