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Hello, I am working on a CAD for Roleplay Communities and I have got a lot of it done but I am trying to prevent everyone from setting up the same license plates. I have multiple people that have “2FAST4U” and it comes up like 2FAST4U, 2FAST4U (1), 2FAST4U (2), etc.

Is there anyway I can change this so they can’t have the same plates. I know there is a way I just can’t figure it out.

One easy way to do this would be to add a condition on the workflow to create the license plate. When the user submits, do a search for license plates with a constraint of “name =inputs value”: first item. If the value is found, then show a popup or message that this name is taken, and prompt for another entry.

it’s not allowing me to do :first item in the constraint

this is all I’m getting

You don’t add it to the constraint itself. You add it as a modifer to the search after setting the constraints

So where do I put it. I still haven’t done this and still haven’t figures it out. Do I put it on the actual workflow in the “Only when”. image

I can do a video on how to do it if you would like.

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That would be awesome. Im so lost.

Hmu NicPagonis#0001

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Our discord is STS#6618

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