Prevent free user from accessing specific page for 24 hours

Hello everyone, I’m quite new to bubble, but I’ve managed to build my app and I’m now at the point where I’ve hit some roadblocks after a week of research and trying to solve this on my own.

I have a 6 page app, where there are paid users who are members, free users who are members and free users who are just trying out the app. I’d like to be able to limit the free users access to a “test drive” page on my site. After performing three actions on the test-drive page, they are redirected to an “upgrade” page. However, I’d like free users to be prevented from accessing the test drive page for 24 hours after they’ve tested out the service on that page. Free users are redirected to an upgrade page after clicking a “submit” button 3 times on the test drive page.

If someone could explain the workflow to make this possible I’d really appreciate it! Thank you all for your time and have a great day.

Hi, @anon76319526 I think you can do it by creating a custom state on test drive page (let’s say "free access") and set its initial value to “Yes”. Then add a condition to page load workflow to check if the user have accessed test drive in the last 24 hours (You can save a record to the database when a free user access test drive page). If the user has visited test drive page in within the last 24 hours set the "free access" state to “No”. Finally add a condition to the test drive page when "free access" state is “No” the free user is redirected to another page of your choice. Hope this helps you to solve the problem.

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Thanks for the advice @dilshandez. I’m trying to work through this, and I’ve created a user database called “lastaccesstime”. When working through the constraint, I’m kinda stuck. I came up with this formula: lastaccesstime < current date/time +hours: - 24 however, it doesn’t seem to be accepting this, specifically when trying to enter in the - symbol. Any advice? Really appreciate it.

Hi, @bill050778 Hope this will help you to solve the problem.

Thanks @dilshandez I’ll give this a try. Appreciate the help!

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