Prevent "Pull to Refresh" on Mobile

I haven’t explicitly implemented this feature anywhere in my app, but I noticed if I pull down, the entire page refreshes. Is there a way to turn this functionality off?

Hi there, @2706mason… pull to refresh is a feature that is native to mobile browsers, and if you straight up google this one, you will see how to disable it via css that I am guessing you can integrate into your Bubble app. I have never tried it before, so maybe someone else will come along and tell you exactly how to do it (if you need that), but hopefully this reply helps you get down a good path.


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Thanks Mike! I had no idea this was something I could control via CSS. Will definitely look into that. Hopefully it’s easy :slight_smile:

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Solution below for those looking to do this in the future…you need to put the following in the “Script/meta tags in header” section at Settings > SEO / metatags:

html, body {
   overscroll-behavior:none !important;