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Prevent repeating group from repeating? (cart/basket page)

Hi there!

It’s probably easier to explain with pictures. Is it possible to format the repeating group so that it shows a singular product with the quantity stated like this:

Currently, the my repeating group appears twice like this. Is it possible to group identical groups and state the quantity like the image above?

Many thanks for having a look at my question!

Yes, you can use the :group by function.

Manual: Operators & Comparisons - Bubble Docs

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Hi @rico.trevisan!

Thanks for the reply! In this case should I create a unique identifier field for each product and group by that? Is there a more efficient way to group similar orders?

Many thanks,

A unique ID is automatically created for each item. Just use that.

So you would group by unique ID and add an extra value for the SUM. You can then use that Unique ID to populate your group - name, picture of the product, etc…

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Hey @rico.trevisan! Thanks so much for narrowing it down for me! I’m having a bit of a struggle trying to find the relevant fields after grouping by Unique ID. The image below shows that only the unique ID field can be set for elements in the repeating group.

I can only manage to do so if I group by every data field I have in that data type. Although using this method I cannot find the current cell’s image to group with.

Can you suggest what I should change?
Thanks so much for the help!

Use the + Add a new aggregation to get a sum of the items for that Unique ID.

Thanks for the reply again @rico.trevisan!

What I meant was that I can’t pull the parent group’s product name, picture, description etc… after grouping them since these are the only available options:

Is there a way I can pull all the data fields from that grouped data? Like this: (this is when repeating group data source set to “Basket” instead of “Grouping”