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Prevent Reset Content - when Checkbox is checked

When I first started using/experimenting with Bubble a few weeks ago for my project, I was under the impression that every time a form (with various Inputs and Dropdowns) was submitted by one of my logged-in users, I had to set up a workflow that resets the content when the form was submitted.

However, I have noticed tonight that when a user submits a form (without the ‘reset input content’ or ‘reset data group’ workflows), all the input forms are resetting themselves. So when the user wishes to submit again, using the same form - all inputs have cleared since their previous submission.

The reason I was expecting this; is because I was planning to allow the logged-in user to select a checkbox that would prevent specific dropdowns, that have been grouped together, from being reset.

I anticipate that my logged-in users will be submitting the form several times. For a better user experience, there are certain grouped dropdowns on my form that some users may wish to be “remembered” for the next time they submit a form - without going through the same repetitive steps just to select the same dropdown values that they will most probably use in a number of their submissions.

I went ahead anyway and set up a workflow (which I thought would have done the trick)…

When the submit button is clicked > create a new thing > reset group, only when checkbox isn’t checked > then navigate to a successful submission page

…but I have had no joy with this, and now at a bit of a loss.

I am positive that when I was testing our forms before, the data was not being reset when the appropriate workflows were not set up. I can’t figure out why it’s not happening anymore.

Ah, I should have been storing “copies” of the user’s regularly used values to fields created in the User data type. And not in another data type that I was simply trying to link to the logged-in user.

Then set up a workflow to make changes to the current user only when the “Remember” checkbox is checked. Then vice versa when the checkbox is unchecked.

I think anyway, but it appears to be working fine now. :slight_smile:

Hi @mikescullion, thanks for explaining the solution.

Does this work for a logged-out user as well?

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Hi @mishav

I wouldn’t have thought so, as the workflow makes changes to the current user. This part of my app would not be available to anyone without a user account, or who is not logged-in with the relevant permissions.

Your point does make me think though. As I wouldn’t mind using something like this with visitors (non-users) who can search my app. It would be nice if some of their search criteria was already filled out upon their next visit. I’m guessing this would have something to do with cookies. But I did read somewhere on this forum that information stored cookies via Bubble are only stored for about 3 days, but I wouldn’t know how to implement it anyway.

Give it a try, it may just work. See Emmanuel’s post here:

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Very clever. Bubble is brilliant, lol. Thank you @mishav

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