Prevent scrolling on repeating groups


I’ve posted just now about a different topic on the same app here, but this is for a slightly different topic.

I have my questionnaire builder set up so that when a user clicks Back/Next, they scroll to the prev/next cell (i.e. scroll to current index -/+1) in a horizontal repeating group of questionnaire sections.

I have hidden the scroll bar, but I would like to prevent the user from scrolling and use the buttons instead as it messes with the way that I’d like the app to work.


Hi @james9 just give the RG a set number of rows or columns. This will stop the ability to scroll but you can still show the next page through an action as you’ve already set up.

Hi @DjackLowCode

I’ve just tried that and it’s preventing the scrolling completely now.

It might be that I’ve not got the best logic here:

The way I’ve done this is by creating a Custom State on the page which creates its own index (i.e. 0 is an introduction, 1-x are the questions). Every time the Next/Prev is clicked it updates the scroll to to the right cell, which means that I can also make the counters at the bottom clickable too.

Nice,for future reference there are actions to go to next page of RG:

And also, Repeating groups have a page number you can reference:


Hi @james9

I have exactly the same problem as you for the same use case.

@DjackLowCode thank you for the suggestion. The issue with setting the RG to have 1 column and 1 row is that you will not be able to show the scrolling effect. The RG will also show a lag when loading every time the cell is changed.

Have you figured out a solution?

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