Prevent Stripe checkout from allowing email address to be changed

I’m using the Stripe plugin provided by Bubble to accept payments. It’s configured to use Checkout V3.

Within Bubble the user enters their email address, which is then provided to Stripe via the plugin.

The checkout page then has a blank email address field.

I would like two things:

  1. In the email address field, the Stripe checkout displays the email address the user provided to Bubble.
  2. The user can not change that email address.

Is this possible?

Is this for subscriptions or one-time charges? I believe this is possible for one-time charges, not sure about subscriptions.

Both, but the behavior for each is different right now.

For one time charges, the email address is carried over to the checkout page, but can be changed.

For subscription charges, the email address is not carried over to the checkout page and must be filled in.