Preventing bad email domains

I want to block unwanted email domains like Is this method good, or should about it another way?

Here’s how I went about it:
I created a data type called BlockedEmails, added a single field called Email domains, and then populated it with 500+ disposable and temporary email domains.

When someone enters their email address bubble does a search for the extracted domain and compares it to the records in the data type called “BlockedEmails”. If there’s a match, it displays text saying it is a bad domain and makes the submit button not clickable.

I saw another method using an option set, but not sure if that’s a good way to go considering the growing list of bad domains I want to block.


Curious as to why you want a database full of domains? Would it not be easier to only allow certain domains? I.e only allow gmail, yahoo, apple, etc. and the rest are declined?

There are an infinite amount of domains, and trying to exclude it going to be quite the pain if not impossible.

Just my 2 cents. :slightly_smiling_face:


Offering my platform for free means I could get a lot of fake accounts, so I’m trying to reduce that, and there are potentially thousands of domains I do want to allow, like,, etc.

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@jasonahowie would that help? Free & Powerful API for Detecting Disposable Email Addresses | DeBounce


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