Preventing page reload after google login

Is there a way to prevent page reload after Google login? Basically I have a page which I lets users fill out/select bunch of information which also sets up a lot of custom states but when they submit the data I check if they are logged in. If not, the login/signup popup shows up and they login. Afterwards the workflow continues and they navigate to next page with custom states transferred over. Now if they use Google login instead of thier emails, the page basically resets and the user loses all data and custom states are reset. Any suggestions on how to avoid this page reset when using google login?

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Create another datatype that is meant to mirror the datatype the form is for. Make it ‚Äútemporary‚ÄĚ and if they have to be sent to google to signin, send google that ‚Äėtemporary‚Äô data entries unique ID in the URL when they redirect to your site, so you can then extract that from the URL and fill in the details again to be saved, or just create a entry for the datatype the form is for and use the temporary entry values.

Thanks @boston85719. Not exactly sure if fully understand the solution. One thing I probably should have mentioned is that it‚Äôs not a simple form but the page itself visually changes in terms of certain groups getting hidden and other showing up based on what the options etc. user has clicked on along with bunch of custom states getting setup. Also, the only thing I send to google is the standard re-direct URL that you have to enter on ‚Äú‚ÄĚ website so not sure pass those to google and then extract back to reset that form. Thank you!

If you are not handling the redirect through API then you might not be able to do it.

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