Previewing a version other than Dev/Main

Before the version control update, I was able to preview a version other than the Dev. version by replacing the “version-test” with the name of the version in the address bar. When I try that now, it is not showing the updates. The address has the version name, but the changes I made are not showing up, making it impossible to test and view what I’ve written.


Is this a bug, or is there a different way?

I wonder if my current issue is somehow related. I have created a new ‘branch’ off of the Main branch (which was the version-test before the update). But now, that newly created branch doesn’t use the version name you assigned it during the creation.

For example:

I named this new branch version ‘uat’. I am expecting that when Previewing, the url would be version-uat. But now, I think its just a random number: “version-6n9”.