Previewing with PictureUploader fills up the database


Had the (i thought) brilliant idea to use the PictureUploader as a profile image preview windows. Seen this done by many bubblers, but I wanted to take it one step further and let people choose between their own image, their Google image and avatars I made in Midjourney. I got it to work:

When you click on an image in the avatar RG, a preview is shown in the PictureUploader but when looking at my File Manager in Bubble I see that there are a lot of duplicates of the images there from my testing of the onboarding.

Anyone has any recommendation on how to tweak this so all the images don’t get saved many times over by Bubble? What I do now, is that when a user uploads an image or clicks the RG cell, I use the Display Data Element Action to push the image to the parent group of the PictureUploader. Then the Dynamic Source of the PictureUploader is the parent’s Image.

Would have loved there to be an option on the PictureUploader called “display only” or something, that prevented the PictureUploader from doing this. Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong? :slight_smile: