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Hi Bubblers,

Looking for feedback on a new app I am working on, this is still in its very early stages. Basically its an app similar to Adobe InDesign’s Publish Online ( a bit overstated ) without actually having to own InDesign… Goal is to make it super easy for anyone to create simple single page presentations and share it… Got a lot more work UI/UX work to do in the coming weeks :slight_smile:

I welcome suggestions, feedback and thoughts…

Thanks in advance!

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Lovely clean design! You’ve given me some inspiration to let my own app breathe…

@lonetour, thank you sir! Let me know if you need design assistance, would be happy to help Bubblers :slightly_smiling:

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Hey, that is really well done

The design of this form is sooooo slick :sunglasses: >

I do think the text overlapping the image on the homepage is difficult to make out though, the leaves on the trees and the background lines add a bit of congestion.

Really awesome though. That is a funky image; it totally takes the viewer to a new frame of mind.

Hey @jordanfaucet, thanks so much and glad you like it… I’ll be doing tweaks before launch hopefully in the next couple of weeks… You should give it a try though to see how it works :slightly_smiling:

I have one theme design architects you can use to try… Click on the Choose a Theme button on the home page.


Oh ya that’s great!
I did a preview . The simplicity of the process is fantastic.

I love how your lorem ipsum - is a description of “lorem ipsum” itself haha. :smile: Priceless

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I like what you have done so far. Having a limited free plan would increase signups and ultimately lead to more conversions to the paid plans.

Hi @ryan, glad you like it. I’ve got to finish this project at some point, just been too busy with other projects at the moment, mostly mobile stuff ( )


Neat idea, I wasn’t sure how it works so I just added some dummy Ipsum to test it out and then I got confused…then I noticed the Preview link in the header. You should add/or move the preview button after the form to remove my confusion.

How long will the pages exist after a user creates one? What’s the White-Label difference between the memberships?

@jitsiereveld, have to do some fine tuning when I get back on this project soon. Pages you create will exist until the user deletes them. White Label removes Prezent logo when the page is published. :slight_smile:

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