Price comparison groceries

I’m a non technical founder - how do I begin to build this and is there a template?

Step 1. Landing page opens up, show a long list of produce plus a zip code location request and how far you want to drive…. 2, 4, 7, 10…… mile radius or the app asks to be allowed to see your location (geo locating)?

Step 2. Click on the a piece of product you want to find cost on.

Step 3. The app does a search based on your zip code and show the locations offering the produce you selected. Could be a farmers market, a farm or a grocery store……

Step 4. You pick the vendor you want, the app adds it to your shopping list (like a checkout cart) and asks if you want to keep shopping.

Step 5a. If yes it goes back the landing page and you pick your next produce item, repeat steps 2 through 4.

Step 5b. If no it sends you to your shopping list. Your list is broke down by vendor and show the $ of each. If you don’t want to drive all over and chase down produce you can click choose another vendor for the item and it repeats steps 3 and 4. Repeating this until you are ready to check out.

Step 6. Checkout is just sending our list to your text messages on your phone. Now your are ready to go shopping.

There’s a couple different template like could use for this, but any would need to be customized to some extent: or or

Would suggest running through the tutorials and user guide if you haven’t already.

Hi Zaque, thank you so much for taking the time to help me!!! I’m starting with making a yelp clone to find local farmers, then I’ll target the marketplace.

Hey, that’s definitely a nice idea!
I’m working on my own grocery list app relying on this how-to guide.
You could make use of their bits of advice.