Price Data from API showing in 6 figures

Hi there.

I’m using API to connect 2 apps. Currently, I’m trying to retrieve pricing data for different products. The prices are within $1 (1 figure) to $11 (2 figure) or sometimes $100 (3 figure) prices. Currently, when retrieving data via API (POST method) the prices are coming in 6 figures (1000000) with extra zeros.
I tried dividing the retrieved value by 100000 (API price value / 100000), which works for some products, but for others, it increases or decreases the price (as all prices are not the same).

As these are products prices may go high for certain items and may fluctuate.

What can be done to make sure the API data provides the perfect value of the price (no more or less), or what can be done at my data retrieving end to make sure the prices are exact?