Pricing change is on pause for now

I saw mostly mature replies from serious business owners. Trust is very important in business in order to do business. Leaving Bubble is a risk management strategy, it is not because people have something against Bubble. It is because Bubble doesn’t fit their needs anymore. These needs aren’t only features but stability as well.

Wappler is a good alternative. Harder but not impossible to master. Still far away from real coding. From a risk management perspective it might be better to cut their losses and the buisness might turn out better in the end once they have more freedom.

Hey bud, try and take it down a notch. You’re not the only one that this update would have affected. We’re all concerned. They heard us. Yes, the anticipation of what is to come is worrisome, but am confident they will do what is right.


I am just sayingthat everyone need to cool down a little.
BUT, i will definitely check Wappler as I am a curious guy :wink:

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Couldn’t agree more with @ed727 on this. The way this was presented to users has surely left many of us second guessing our future on the platform. Presenting what will result in a +300% increase in pricing for thousands of users as if they were doing us a favour and simplifying the subscription process is the most shocking thing to me -especially how out of touch the price increase is with the actual storage costs of DB lines.

I felt the responses by @emmanuel contained lots of corporate spin that didn’t actually address any of the underlying concerns presented by the community up until his last statement. I really believed in Bubble’s mission prior to all of this, but now I am concerned about where it is going in the future under their new stakeholders.

This is the kind of behaviour I would expect from a company about to be gutted and rendered souless from their new share holders. VC’s usually take a grow or gouge approach and clearly those that have invested in Bubble are going for the latter. I hope I’m wrong on this and really don’t mean this as any disrespect to the Bubble team. I want to be an advocate for this platform and help it succeed, but not if it’s going to behave like this to users.

I have been using bubble for almost 6 years.

Over the years, I felt confident watching the platform and its community growing.
Always knew I was locked in, and that I could not carry with me all my work done within bubble.
I was fine with that.
Untill yesterday, when my problems felt so far away…
Yesterday’s announcement highlighted to everyone that the lock in is an explosive that might blow up anytime in the future.

Trust is broken.

The only thing that can keep me from moving away from bubble now is a clear commitment to never, NEVER, change price policies of active plans. Any change should only be applied to new plans.

That is my hope, as it would be very sad to see such a great plataform loose its purpose.


I like this sentiment!

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to share your thought with Bubble and the community. I do not have the time and energy atm, so I’m thankful for everyone who took the time to respond.


I think what is important now is that bubble needs to make a policy announcement that how would they make changes in the future. For my business model and db architecture, it is impossible to have a pricing bases on things (rows). If bubble drops this pricing update now but then do it a year later, my business is gonna fail a year later and I’ll loose next one year of effort as well.

So the founders need to make it clear if limiting number of rows are ever gonna be considered again. The only way I am gonna go forward with bubble of they make an announcement of never adding a limit on number of things. I personally think that charging for db size is much more appropriate.

Still awaiting update and I’ve not been able to work for the past day and could not untill the founders clarify their position

Azm Dar


yesterday was terrible for me, being already in depression.
it’s been a difficult time because of covid, early 2022 brought new hope, yesterday was…a kind of betrayal, I felt like I had an “anvil” on my head, or that I was buried under water…
I couldn’t work or sleep again… and I still feel very bad today, even reading the “pause”. in fact I fear that I no longer have confidence and therefore I am waiting for what will be the real continuation, since now even Bubble has become a major risk for the solidity of my freelancing and my customers

Thank you for ths pause, I hope it will go in the way of conciliation
if necessary I can participate in your survey on the uses and habits of very small users, one person company.


Thoughtful and precise. You verbalized the anxiety that this announcement stirred in me.

Agreed. An announcement this consequential should have been done with empathy and patience. The initial email sent was cold, matter-of-fact, and with a tone of “if you don’t like it, you can piss off”. Especially since the planned pricing changes were going into effect 7 days after its initial announcement. Not cool.

You’re a wordsmith, Sir. This is what worries me the most. Investing into Bubble is investing into its community long-term. This earthquake of an announcement is bound to scare people off, and likely have existing Bubblers warn others about the perils of joining this community.

Indeed we have. Many know me around these parts as I’ve been here a while. Having this terrifying episode repeat itself really dampens my enthusiasm for Bubble and makes me curious about alternatives.

There’s a lot of soul-searching that @emmanuel and Co need to do here.


Matt wrapped up the current status of things quite well.


Thanks Matt!


thank you thibaud

Hey Plaid, I think the anger you are is valid and worth sharing, with respect. (And I think you are being respectful!)

The nature of yesterday’s announcement (just the announcement - just a forum post) could very well have had immediate financial implications for some of us in lost business, and lost deals, etc. Clearly it did for you - and I’ve read multiple stories of others.

Bubble has heard us complain about the pricing structure - which is good and needed.

I think it is absolutely fair for Bubble to hear and know that the announcement wasn’t only a bad pricing structure. That kind of communication strategy will no longer work for Bubble. Bubble has grown to be much bigger than it was. People are running business ON TOP OF Bubble. If you change the unit of economics - and the scale of cost - of the foundation that businesses rely on, and make the announcement with questions unanswered… yeah that’s a huge deal.

Hopefully Bubble gets that deeper message as well: Bubble has grown up. That means 10x or 100x more work, testing, vetting, listening, vetting again, etc. on major announcements such as this.

That’s a culture shift (which are hard!), and a necessary one to keep up with growth…


thank you for saying exactly what i was thinking.

And yes, it was a whole day without being able to work, and as a bonus, an argument with the client for whom I am developing at the moment, the poor guy did not understand what was on his mind. He contacted me at the worst time after yesterday’s announcement… talking about the monthly budget he will have to plan when the app is delivered… I was in no condition to answer him, not correctly in anyway… I transferred my dismay…
I will catch up tomorrow

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And of course I’m just being facetious. List Shifter will remain a free plugin. Though there are some advanced applications of List Shifter that are better served by more specific plugins designed for those specific use cases and I have two such plugins in the pipeline right now. And those will be commercial.

Back to the impacts of the on-hold pricing proposal:

My test (development) and demo Bubble apps for List Shifter have databases for which I created tens of thousands of Things (objects) to test performance, illustrate common use cases, and make videos about various things for the community.

Under the floated pricing, these apps would cost me hundreds of dollars per month… just to support a free plugin. One of them (maybe both, I haven’t looked lately) is already on a paid plan as I need access to backend workflows, etc.

So, just the existence of that one free plugin costs me real $ every month.

Not to beat a dead horse here, but the total storage size of those objects in those test app databases is just a few megabytes. (Less than a typical PDF, way less than a single video file, or about the size of single a high-resolution photo.) And you wanna charge me WHAT to store them? Lolz.


This seems very important thank you for your perspective. Is this common in your experience?

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This is an important point.

I’ll use the American dollar for a quick example (I have no intent of starting ANY debate about geopolitics or global economics!!!). Some say that paper US dollars have not been significantly redesigned to take advantage of all of the latest security and anti-counterfitting technology because those redesigns would require too much change (changing colors, etc. etc.), which would lead to magnifying economic effects because so much of the world economy is anchored on the dollar.

If we want to create a future where founders can create, build, and scale ON NO CODE, then the foundation must be incredible stable. Bubble is the ultimate no code platform still, IMO, but everything about has got to be incredibly, wildly, insanely stable if it really wants to deliver on Emmanuel’s dreams.

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Couple quick thoughts:

I think we can all agree on the tremendous value Bubble provides, and that we’d all be willing to pay more if it’s a win/win, predictable, and scaleable for all app business models.

I realize demanding ALL of those things simultaneously is a tough ask, but make no mistake – if you can figure that out – I have no doubt you’ll be far-beyond unicorn status in the coming years.

I still remember speaking with this investor about his concerns that we were built on Bubble.

He said: “you’re telling me that you’re betting your startup on another startup?!?!”

Back then, I thought, “this man has no clue what a powerful movement Bubble is about to create” … I wasn’t worried AT ALL.

Yesterday made me hesitate a bit – wondering if there was some validity to that concern.

I LOVE bubble… I’ve put most of my career eggs into the “bubble basket” – and with all my heart I want there to be a way we can make it work.

Knowing the brilliant minds behind Bubble, I’m putting my faith in y’all to figure out a win/win.

Thanks for all you & the team do, and thanks for humbly listening to our collective temper tantrum… It can’t be easy, no matter how valid.

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Please see a response from us here Pricing: continued discussion / community trust

(starting a new thread as this one is getting long, will close this one)