Pricing: continued discussion / community trust

@bubble welcome back to the community!



I’ve been away from forum for a good year now but one of my customers convinced me to come back here & share my thinking. Now that cooler heads prevail, I felt the best way to contribute productively here was to suggest solutions, so I’ll jump right into it.

I tried to put myself in Bubble leadership team’s shoes and came up with an approach that I hope will help shape their thinking. I basically ended up building a revamped pricing page. It would have been too long of a post - so I just made a illustrative bubble pricing page. I’ve also explained some of my rationale in the bottom half if you’re interested.

@Emmanuel and team, hope this helps in a positive way :slight_smile: !



Obrigado pela resspostas, me sinto mais confortavel com seu posicionamento.


This is a refreshing level of transparency, but I do not understand how the current pricing model doesn’t set Bubble up for long-term success.

All issues you’ve brought up in previous posts can be solved in ways other than changing the pricing model (adding overages, better notifications, auto-upgrade features, price raises, etc). You said yourself that not everyone is going to be happy with pricing no matter what, is it possible that you already have the least-hated pricing model possible for this kind of business?

Why is it so important to change the model at all, why not just raise prices and focus on making the platform better?

The fact that a price model change is still in the works is still a huge red flag for us to continuing to invest in Bubble as our development platform, regardless of the level of community involvement in the process.



$0.025 per 1000 create/change things?

Bubble wanted to charge $20 for having +5000 extra rows, which means 5000 new things, your model it’s x5 times higher than that.


The numbers are illustrative mate. The way to arrive at actuals would be for bubble team to fetch data of all the apps they see are balanced right on cost vs. revenue. Then prepare a OSM model and work out the multipliers. What I wanted to point out in the document is the approach


I see. :+1:

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Oh the support for bdk stuff is via the chat at Moved away from forum because it’s not a useful platform for support (tracking etc. is impossible and way too many people asking for bubble help). It was okay in early days when forum had 10k people but not feasible at all anymore. Please message over the support chat and I’ll take it from there :slight_smile:


If it takes 3 metrics to measure your pants but only 2 to decide cost of bubble based app which can be built 1000 ways, you know something is amiss.

This is amazingly put @gaurav.

Also, I saw some folks asking where the OG power Bubblers are. They’re here. Watching. Reading. Coming up with solutions. Thanks for your thoughtful input Gaurav!


That’s wierd… don’t have such a filter and I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss a message. Can you come online right now and message over there once so I make sure I’m there. Let’s move this conversation off this thread so the thread maintains relevance


And that ladies and gentlemen is how you take responsibility and apologize. Well done Bubble and @emmanuel , it can’t have been easy to accept you were wrong and change course but I think that statement and its transparency will have re-built a lot of trusts. Well played :slight_smile:


Thanks @emmanuel for your honesty :wink:

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I love the thought behind this - nice one @gaurav


They already have this, it’s called “Bubble forum” and we already are in it here :yum:

To Bubble team: Please, don’t make us taste the bitter, sour side of accepting a vendor lock-in deal!

I feel more relieved reading this, also glad that next time you will talk to us before slamming a huge change on something so crucial to our livelihoods.

But please, whatever you do in the future, I repeat, do not make us regret entering a locked-in deal. We only stay because we trust that you will not pull the rug.

Again, I understand the need to charge more and measure things differently, just do so in a way that we will remain viable by being able to adapt to it, for example by transferring higher costs to users.

EDIT: I think that we have a consensus that would be interesting to decouple Bubble features pricing from resource usage pricing. I feel very comfortable with what Gaurav shared.
Make it metered or tiered for resources usage, make it plan-based for Bubble features.

Ah, and feel free to crack down on old hobby apps if it would improve the situation. There is no such thing as free lunch. :smiling_imp:


The runned queries approach is much smarter than limiting the total capacity of the database.

The big problem with DB things is that even really small products will reach higher plans in less than 6 months.


this is rollback
However, I’m still very concerned


Correct and authentic response.
Now let’s get the first iteration of new pricing out quickly, so we can have a ballpark idea where this is headed and we can all get back to work. :slight_smile:


I don’t prefer this kind of pricing system because it will put so much pressure on your development process, force you to think too much about each workflow you add and how it impacts pricing.
it is very reasonable for many started businesses that these new plans are not suitable for them, but no one thinks that a database structure with millions of rows is maybe overwhelming for server capacity meanwhile to the app’s response time. my question here is why the bubble team didn’t just separate the database into two parts, one for quick access and one another for any infrequent database using a slow fetching.


I would prefer a fixed price to access the application editor, then pay a variable rate related to server costs of my app.

I’m not sure what that would work out to, but I’d expect a majority of users would spend $35-100/mo just to develop through Bubble.

This makes sense to me. Curious to hear other thoughts.