Pricing interim update

Extract of today’s call with Fabian on the new pricing model:

Between personal and professional plans, if you introduce a new plan around USD 60 or less with less capacity (say 100-150 units) that would help Indian bootstrap founders to launch with their own money.

Pricing for additional storage is too high from an Indian point of view. It has to be equivalent to Xano or even less

To consider Indian data storage options. Data localization rules of India require us to store data here. In Fact, this was the main reason that drove us to choose Xano over Bubble for the backend. (We missed mentioning this point during the call)

Plus small feature request-

  1. Mobile no and OTP based log-in and signup option (Really needed to succeed in India)
  2. Indian payment gateway plugins - Razorpay and Paytm

We urge bubble to consider the Indian market a little more seriously. If somebody copies your model, it is difficult to crack. Best in case is Stripe. Despite being no 1 in the world, it finds it very difficult to crack and has been struggling for the last 2 years. We genuinely want bubble to be a major player in this space here in India.

Vinay & Naveen




To calm your nerves some: from my interview with the Bubble team it doesn’t appear like pricing is going to change all that much. The focus for increased pricing appears to be on the app DB size. What was proposed doesn’t align with the industry standard pricing though and I’m sure they’ll hear that from practically everyone that they present the pricing model to so hopefully it will be adjusted.

As one of the more negative posters in these threads, I am satisfied with what was presented and feel more relaxed moving forward. Bubble just needs to be a bit more realistic on DB pricing and we will all be in a good position :slight_smile:


looking forward

Hi all, just checked in with the team driving this, and it looks like we’re not going to be able to get an update out this weekend. We are still going through all the feedback from previous conversations, and might want to do some follow-ups based on what we heard. We will aim to share more early next week.

In case you missed it, we responded to some of the questions raised in this thread in our monthly forum update: Monthly Community Update -- April 2022 , specifically on what we see as our goal for Bubble and the kind of users we want on the platform (all of you, is the answer!)


This right here greatly concerns me as I’m planning to make a social media app with a freemium model for monetization.

I’m planning for my users to make a profile and then ignore the app for weeks or months at a time, but they and their friends can reference each other’s profiles whenever they need to, on occasion. Compared to most apps, I plan to make very little per average user, so while the limit on database things was by far the worst part, the suggestion of limit on number of users for a given price very much threatens to kill my app.

Thanks for sharing! That is very encouraging. The idea of a cost per individual user concerned me, as well as the # of database things. I’m game for paying fair price for database storage (and I want my efforts to minimize my impact per-user to be worth-while) and I’m VERY glad to hear that you liked what they said about it!!


I want to echo what someone said in the past few weeks:

We could really use some assurance that the rug won’t be ripped out from under us and it seems that the founders’ intentions are really all that stand in-between us and money-grubbing policies that would kill many of our apps.

Why not put something in the terms-and-conditions that legally commits bubble to not changing bottom-line pricing on a given app beyond a certain % per year per app or per capacity usage, etc. (or something. I’m not a pro at these things. I’m more of a philosopher than a lawyer :wink: )

God forbid the founders are ever hit by a truck, but if the software giant that they are making is going to keep its heart long-term their intentions need to be legally knit into the organization. No company should consider itself immune to moral decay. Give your users legal rights to what you want them to have or there’s little-to-no chance that they will have it in 20-30 years.


Please see our latest update here: Pricing update -- Apr 5

Closing this thread in favor of that one.

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