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Pricing updates and thoughts

  1. You say that Bubble is more advanced than Wappler - how so? Do you mean there are things Bubble can do, that Wappler can’t do? (I mean without coding). What is an example of something specific that Bubble can do in the Workflow logic that Wappler can’t do?

  2. Bubble has States and the if/then/else in the Workflow logic and editor - is it difficult or just different to do these things in Wappler?

Wappler is not a match to at current stage. I will stay with Bubble.

I have tried to work with Wappler but it confuses me and I don’t enjoy it. With Bubble it’s fun to see the result of hand drawn designs. I really enjoy to work with Bubble.

It’s like a video game :smiley:

Look at this hour long video to make a secured login page with Wappler LOL…


Can i edit the web apps created with Wappler in other code editors?

Absolutely! Wappler creates clean HTML, CSS and JS code, which can be edited in any text/code editor.

Do you offer hosting for my apps?

No, we do not offer hosting with Wappler. You can just use any hosting provider out there to publish your files.

I like the above features of Wappler.


It’s more advanced in the sense of abstraction of code. In Wappler you are more exposed to coding from the beginning.

For a non-coder the learning curve of Wappler is bigger than Bubble. But you are actually learning web standards. So that learning curve is time well spent.

In Bubble you are learning Bubble.

In Wappler you are learning html, CSS, js, PHP/ASP and several frameworks(bootstrap, framework 7, Cordova).

I do agree that the point, drag and click approach of Bubble is neat. If you are not a total UI/UX potato you are able to create a nice looking app very quickly.

But this neat feature will come to bite you eventually. And then you will start to set element IDs and patch everything.

So now you are actually learning html, CSS and JavaScript just to fight Bubble. And you are the one who will lose that fight. If not today, tomorrow when they change something.

You are learning to code to make Bubble turn against itself. It is ridiculous if you ask me.

Is Bubble still useful and a great tool? Of course. But not so much as before. And for sure not so much after all the pricing/paywall nonsense.

I also agree with everything Mr Bond, @jamesbond said up there.

And yeah Wappler is not Wix…Wappler is Dreamweaver on steroids.

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Jon, Bubble has ALWAYS been this way, where you can’t export your code out. You signed up for that… If you don’t like the fact that you can’t self host, then simply leave… no one is forcing you to stay.

It’s quite obvious that it’s advantageous for Bubble’s business model to not let you host your own application. You’d just build your app in a month and then leave.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I never saw you complain about this fact before the pricing changes. If you are arguing about pricing, then so be it. But you’re arguing about something that has been the case since day 1, and has never changed. Again, you signed up to build your app on Bubble and have them host your app - you knew of the limitations.

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I am both a bubble paid user and a wappler paid user. Do you need to know anything else? Or would you rather continue with your series of wrong assumptions?

Because in the end you are entitled to your wrong opinions. I respect that.

BTW this is not the army. Chill.

I’m not quite sure where I assumed that you aren’t a bubble & wappler paid user. Care to point out where I stated that?

You’ve been whining all over this thread about code exporting, something bubble has stated time and time again that they do not allow. It’s in their FAQ and obviously something you knew of when you signed up. Like I said, if you were arguing about the pricing/plan changes, that’s fine, but you bring up code exporting like it’s something Bubble changed recently.


It means that I have a right to give my opinion as a consumer whether you like it or not.

But as I can’t force you to like my consumer opinions here you have this little neat feature that discourse has.

Just plug my name in there and you don’t have to read my whining anymore.

You’re welcome.

Yes I’ve had a good look at Wappler now after people began talking about it and it takes me back to the days when I set up my own server and DB.

The speed is the only (very) attractive thing but it is too much fun and fast to use Bubble, I don’t want to go back to the days of setting up databases and fiddling around with security, I find that so boring.

Users on the Wappler forum compare it to advanced Dreamweaver which sounds dull and odious to me.

I have confidence at this stage that Bubble will improve the performance continually and I could even live without any improvements to the responsive design if speed continues to improve. A midway plan with API that I could use instead of the free plan would also be attractive.

My main reason for staying with Bubble is that I enjoy it immensely and am prepared to put up with an initial slow page load - for now - unless I figure out it’s hurting sales or SEO or I need to build a 4th app which might be too expensive.

Most users will agree they have a lot of fun using Bubble and this is probably an under-utilised USP in their marketing.


Of course you can give your opinion. But this thread is for the pricing/plan changes, not code exporting, which has been unchanged since day one.

Where was your opinion for this thread? There are countless of threads where users asked about code exporting, and @emmanuel answered. Like I said, I haven’t seen you once bring up the issue of code exporting except for when bubble introduced the price changes.

Ever heard of the red herring? That’s exactly what you’re doing:

I’ll leave it at that. Enjoy your day.

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The topic title might suggest you it’s “just” about pricing. It’s about much more than that.

I will leave it at you just had a bad day and flamed another user about nothing. I forgive you. This is the internet after all and everyone is entitled to their wrong opinions.


Hello Josh and Emmanuel.

I think bubble is a gem and the work you have done is truly amazing.

I decided to get involved in bubble because I saw a tool that could help me grow, which includes both the results I can get with the tool and the price and time I needed to invest.

Like all platforms, bubble success will depend on the successful applications its developers make with it.

Said this, while must won’t have a problem paying the personal plan $29 instead of $16, to make a startup and try an idea, we need at least 12 months which makes a completely different investment
12x $185 = $ 2,220 to
12 x 500 = $6,000

Which are the cheapest plan to have subapps now.

As must of us are solo-preneurs, that is a huge difference to test a new app or idea and that will make many users to stop seeing the bubble platform as a way to go.

What I suggest is that you charge according to the success of the app, put an entry level for subapps as low as before and charge according with the number of subbapps created, For example if you charge $XX more for each package of 10 subapps or something like that, I don’t know, but nobody will care as their customers will be paying for it and both parties will benefit from the success. At the end, the developer is taking the risk and investing time for developing an app that if it does not work it will be the most damaged.

Most APIs have a low entry level and if the use grows (ie. the app works) they star charging serious money. The message: adopt the API easily, but we will be partners if you have success.

Obviously I don’t know the prices involved with bubble and my view is only from the developer side, but I am afraid that many would stop seeing bubble as a viable option for creating a startup regardless is genius, only because they will be initially scared with the investment involved.

I don’t have doubts today because I know bubble, but If i was doing my analysis today from scratch, I would think, ok I need a year to master bubble to make serious things, a six months-year to develop something great and then invest $6000 to see what happens. Not very likely many will follow that path.

Anyway, I only took the time because I really love bubble and I would like it to reach an amazing success in the future and obviously you guys as well.

Best regards,

I am a new user on bubble so we didn’t know what the pricing was before so not bothered about it, however as a new user I am concerned about the following re the pricing:

A. The pricing plans are not reflected in the system, for example:

  1. Personal plan states that 1 collaborator is allowed, however 1 collaborator is not allowed when i want to sign up to a personal plan
  2. The same is true of the Professional plan on the pricing page it says 2 collaborators are allowed, however only 1 in fact is allowed

B. As a new developer on the system on behalf of our clients, and on the basis of the new paid plans which are clearly higher than the ones you had before, i would however expect to get a good quality 24/7 support service, however this is not the case and the support I have been trying to get about your pricing, and how to transfer apps from our agency account [email protected] to our clients, is terrible and almost non existent.

Based on point B and not point A, I am considering going back to what we were doing before as we can not operate without good support which your higher prices and new investment should be able to easily pay for, and would be a better justification for raising your prices, the lack of good support seems to be a very big sore point on this forum. I can see why as I have been waiting days for sensible answers to our questions about my point A!

Never got issue with support! Maybe you can ask @neerja to check your case.

I agree that the “Collaborators” should be 0 instead of 1 for lower plan because we cannot consider the initial person that create the app as a collaborator!


This is a joke! Why are people even considering Wappler a no code platform? :joy:


The price will only continue to rise folks. Bubble is a for profit company, and they must maximize profit to grow and compete with other companies. Keeping prices low until there was a user base was always part of the business strategy. It is a natural course of evolution, and a strategy most businesses use. If Bubble succeeds in cornering market share - even more than they already have, then the prices will continue to climb higher.

The alternative is to use Wappler, and the reason why Wappler will probably become more successful and sustainable in the long run is because they allow you to export the code. their model and pricing is not dependent on locking you into their system. The learning curve is a bit higher, and the downside is you need to deploy it yourself to a server (for now), but its clean code that is faster because its not weighed down by bloat. And if you can learn how to use the logic in bubbles workflows, then there is no reason to fear servers.

Most bubblers only need a very small shared server, which is less than $10 a month. And for those of you who have complex applications there are managed hosting companies, and lots of companies like AWS, Azure, etc, that have great control panels that make it easy for users to launch, update, and scale cheaply. Bubble is a wonderful platform that simplifies the process, but the simplification comes with a hefty price tag, and as of now poor performance. I am sure that bubble will improve the performance issues over time, but just remember that you are locked into their system, and do not have the ability to export code.

Your business, and your businesses success over the long run could be significantly effected by abrupt changes to the platform - including 90% price increases. For those of you that are launching a new application, or have an existing application, you may want to consider alternatives or at least have a backup plan.

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Bubble is a great way to validate an idea. You can always export the data once you move off the platform.

Bubble can also help you export the design. I’m sure they will add code export anytime soon as that is in high demand.

I’m also sure they are not doing it right now because the code depends on local dependencies.

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Any possibility of something coming to bridge the gap between Pro and Production?

That seems like it’d be too good to be true to export code from Bubble. It’d be too easy to just use Bubble as a fast builder and export for cheaper hosting. Bubble would need to change their entire pricing structure if they allowed this. But I hope you’re right and this happens!


I thought I might bring this up again.

If Bubble is for small teams, with SME’s at the heart of their potential target audience, it seems there is a desperate need for a plan between Professional and Production.

Any light on this subject or is it just that I am incorrect and people are either teams of 1-2 or teams of 15 and up?

A team of 3-5 can get a lot done towards an MVP and having a team of 3-5 means you need 3-5 development environments and editors.