Primary Field Problem

Hey guys I need your help
Before asking help I d say I ve made all privacy rules deleted → all users can see other users info

I want to see the name of who submitted a certain survey.

My problem is that I don’t understand why in the records (of survey submitting) I do not see the names of the people who submitted a specific answer. When I submit a survey I have this problem:

I have two data types:

This is my primary field options:

What should I do?

Can you please share your workflow action’s screenshot?
And try this-
Create a dummy user. Run the app as that user. Submit answers. In workflow “create a new thing” Who Submit data = Current user.

Note: Make the “Who Submit Answers” field as user data type.

I ve done a video of the workflow

I have edited my last response. Please check. I can see you do not have the “Who submits answers” in workflow when creating new thing.

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You’re not setting the ‘who submit field’ in your workflow… so why would you expect it to have any data?…

Make sure you set that field in the workflow (or just use the ‘created by’ field instead to see who submitted it).

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Yeah I didn’t know I had to add that workflow logic.
Thank you so much

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Please feel free to submit a thread whenever you are stuck. Don’t feel bad. You are more than welcome in Bubble community. Wish you good luck with your project.

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