Printing multiple fields from a list of records

I know how to get a list of things and those things can have multiple fields.
I know how to print the contents of one of the fields from each item in the list.

How do I print two or more fields from each item in the list?

Here’s an example:
84,75,95,100,90,95,100,100,100 - Emotional well-being,Energy/fatigue,General health,Health change,Pain,Physical functioning,Role functioning/emotional,Role functioning/physical,Social functioning

I had to print the contents of the two fields separately.
I’d rather have this:
Emotional well-being (84),Energy/fatigue (75),General health (95),Health change(100),Pain(90),Physical functioning (95),Role functioning/emotional (100),Role functioning/physical (100),Social functioning (100)

As it is I can’t even be sure the lists are in the same order when they print.

I want to say you’ve already tried the RG solution below, so let me know what is different with your case:

You could use a repeating group of the list itself, and within the cell have 2 text elements, each pulling from a different field for the cell. E.g. Text 1 = Current cell’s number, Text 2 = Current cell’s text

Now, if by “print”, you mean having this structure within a single text string for your entire list, you can:

  • Create a custom state list (of texts) so that each text = List Item’s Field 1 (List Item’s Field 2) > text = custom state’s value. This means you need to “set state” for each list item. Not great if you need this more automated.
  • Create a new field (Field #3) in the overall List Thing that combines the two values so that your single printed text = List of Things’ Field 3
  • Create a separate data type that groups these field values together for the List Item. I understand if this is what you’re trying to avoid though.

Thanks, yeah I think I’ve circled around this before.

It’s particularly weird since bubble has a “groupings” list type now which is specifically designed to arrange data for display. Like if I make a list of groupings with a category name field and an average field why would I want to use only one of them? The number doesn’t make any sense without the label and the label is useless without the number.

I am trying to do it automated so can’t have a list where the user needs to manually click on each item.

There’s the “join” function but it only works on one field. I can’t find a way to combine two fields before joining the list.