Prioritize claimed listings in RG


I have an Rg set up to show listings. Some listings are claimed and “verified” by users. I want these listings to show up first, in order ahead of the unclaimed listings. In the photo attached you can see, claimed listings have a checkmark on the right corner showing that its verified, but they are mixed . No idea how to do this?? “claimed?” is a yes/no value.

Hi there, @esme_borisoff… if I understand your post correctly, set the repeating group’s data source to a search for listings where claimed is yes merged with a search for listings where claimed is no, and you should get the desired result.

Hope this helps.


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Could you also not just :sort by Claimed in the same scenario? (If Claimed is a yes/no on the Listing?) And if not, you could sort using List Shifter’s mapped sort (though that’s probably overkill since there is a solution via :merged with).

One minor additional consideration: I’m pretty sure that :merged results in a list that is no longer a live query and, if one were depending on new Listings to magically update as new Listings are created, using :merged will break that. (This is something I haven’t confirmed recently but I suspect is true.)

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Hey, I’ve tried doing this and it didn’t change the order of the listings to show the verified ones first.

Hi, I tried sorting by “claimed?” and this seems to have had no effect. I’m not sure what you mean about :merged causing new listings to not appear…

You don’t show what your filters are. That last :filter will apply to the merged list, FYI, not just the second Search. You may want (actually you definitely want) to turn on the “experimental” parentheses feature. But I’m guessing you don’t need the :filter operator (note also that :filters happen in the page).

The filters are to show the values of the drop downs. Both “filtered” are the same filters.

What is the experimental parentheses feature?

FYI… if you had searched the forum (which is always a good thing to do), you could easily have found the experimental parentheses feature.

I’m not sure why I didn’t think of doing a simple sort, but Keith is right… that should work, and I just did a quick test to confirm it. So, in order to simplify everything, try this… just do one search, put all of your filter constraints directly on the search, sort by the Claimed field in descending order, and check the box to ignore empty constraints.