Privacy Error Message - Multi File Uploader Doesn't Work On Download (2 minute video explains)

If a user adds from the multi file uploader and adds 1 file, it downloads the file on the front end.

When a user adds from the multi file uploader and it’s 2+ files, then I get this error message.

Any ideas? Here’s a quick video showing the error:

Here is me (the project owner) who has it’s not hidden from.

Here is my error.

Here are my privacy settings. I have none.

It looks like I’ve isolated the issue. If there is more than 1 file, then I get this message. If it’s a single file, there are no issues.

I have used the multifile uploader. Can you not have a link to a file if it’s more than 1 or do I need to list them out?

Here are the multiple files.

There are the only 2 I’m getting an error message.

Is “Proposal” a single item field? Or a list of things?

It’s a list of files.

Weird. There’s another thread going on that’s getting the same error, also using the multi-file uploader. I’ve never used it, so my experience is nonexistent with it. Hopefully someone else has some insights!

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Does anyone else have some input here? Much appreciated.

hi @mgray,

The problem is that the link is taking the URL of a list of files, which is effectively a list of texts.

When a list of texts is represented as one text, by default they are joined together with a comma.

So your link has something like this, which the browser then matches it to https or http whichever is appropriate …

It would be a useful diagnostic step for you to display a text link with the same text as the link.

What comes next? A design decision, which file to display in the link, or do you want to have a list of links?

To show just the first link, put :first item to specify you are dealing with one file …

Proposal :first item's URL

Or, to show links to them all, create a repeating group, set its data source to be the list of files i.e. Proposal, and inside the group have a link for each item …

Current cell's URL

Another option is using a bit of regex to create all the links in a single text. I can post that too, if it will be useful.

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@mishav Thanks for the response! It all makes sense. If you couldn’t mind, could you let me know a bit about the regex? I don’t know what or how that works. I have seen it but that’s it.

Lastly, if this were you, which do you think is the best option?

Thanks again!!

Added a pop up function.

Displayed in a repeating group.

Thanks @mishav !

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See below. It works nicely.

MyFilesList's URL :join with " " :find & replace

Join with makes a space-separated list of URLs.

In the find & replace,
Regex pattern: (\S+)
Replace by: [url=https:$1]link[/url]


Could put other styles and colours, similar to what is generated in the rich text editor.

This gives a line of three text links with uninspiring labels …
link link link

Taking it a step further, the regex can put the filename part as the label.

Nice solution!