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Hi everyone,

I’m working on an app similar to an ads-website. Users will provide me with their mobile phone number.
I then want other users to be able to see this information when they are looking at the ad - so making it visible to everyone -, but I don’t want to make it easy for a skilled user to get all of the phone numbers in my database.
I mean, I want everyone to be able to see the number if they are currently on the ad page, but not to get all of my users information in one shot.

Is there a way to get this work with privacy rules?


Any privacy expert ?

Make sure the API is not open. If it is visible, then it could be scraped. you could hide the number on page load and reveal on a click. then limit the user to 100 reveals a day?

Hi @nfish,

thanks for your reply!

you could hide the number on page load and reveal on a click.

How would you do it? I didn’t find anything about that.
Should that be done in the Privacy tab? Or through a workflow?

yeah create a button or group, and then a workflow to unhide the number

ok, but will the number be hide safely?
I am afraid that even if not visible on the screen it will be accessible in some way…
isn’t it?

You should have your users consent to share their number in the first place. I.E. ask them if they would like to add their number to their post.

yeah for sure! but… I don’t want someone else to have free access to all of them!

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