Privacy Policy on Page

Hi Guys, is there a way where I can restrict a user type to not access a certain page through privacy policy.

My application has an admin dashboard, and the page can only be accessed when “Admin is Yes”. But when I copy the link and paste in another bowser I can see user A’s data while logged in as User B and make changes to everything.

How can I fix it? do I need privacy policy?

A combination of privacy rules and redirection workflows should be implemented. This way you can ensure that no matter where users go in your app they will be redirected where you want them.

Placing redirection workflows inside a reusable header that you place on most pages (or all pages … up to you) is a good way to only manage things in one place.

@cmarchan, great you replied. I just found an old post of yours on similar topic. Will refer it, In case I have questions I may reach out to you…

Here is the post I was talking about… User subscription system | app security

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