Privacy Rule application

I have a Privacy rule that only allows logged in users to see table content. But, when the user logs in the RG displaying that data does not show the data. Is the Privacy rule not “reapplied” after the page is loaded and as soon as a Rule condition is met? Or does it take some time for this to happen?

Best, Peter

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Not sure, but in the user log in workflow, you could maybe add a “refresh” for the RG? I’ve not tried and I’m not sure, but this could be used as a trigger for the rg to display the expected contents when the user logs in. So… to try!

By “refresh” I mean a reset

Thnx @Christophe_HK for coming back on this.

Your idea could be possible, but there might be other stuff depending on the Privacy rules being correct and I don’t want to induce logic for that.

Also, I tried to have the RG hidden and show it after login, but no luck there.

Hi there, @philledille… could it be some sort of conflict between the privacy rule and any constraints you have set up on the repeating group’s data source? Can you share some screenshots?


The search is done on the page load, so if the user logs in without page refresh I think Bubble won’t apply the new privacy rules unless you do the search again (through editing the data or “display data”)

If you don’t want to refresh the page you will have to do another search :thinking:

not 100% sure tho. I had similar issues when creating access to private data with the key in the URL

I went for the refreshing the page. This removes the need for extra logic, with increased maintenance as a consequence and is no real problem since this is a rare use case and reloading in this situation no big isssue.

Thnx for your thoughts!

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