Privacy rule does not recognise list of things?


I created this short test project. The purpose is to test a few things.

  1. a user should be able to enter email addresses of friends in an address book.
  2. if the email addresses match with registered users, they can …
  3. …be selected by multi-dropdown-menu in the repeating group on the main page.
  4. the content (the picture incl. subtitle) will then be shared with the selected users.

The points 1 - 3 work. However, I still fail with the last point.

I don’t know how to use the “contains” command in conjunction with a list of text. Is this even possible? Or is there a better way to do it?

This is the test app:

In Editor:

I think the problem is, that privacy settings need data type “user” instead of “text”.

But I don’t know how to convert an email address (type: text) to an email address (type: user).
And I can’t add users in the Address Book because the input form does not give me the option to select type “user” . :thinking:

Hi @mirko.heimburger ,

Indeed, you can’t add user from an input form because the only things that you can add inside an input are numbers and texts. These are the two options that I imagine for this use case:

  • instead of using an input element, choose a searchbox element that allows the user to look for a dataset in your database depending on a text field (ie. the email address).
  • or you need to “do a search for” a user after each event (ie click on a button) with the constraint “email = input’s value”. In this case you can affect the user to the “Share_with_these_people” attribute instead of the email.




Hi @arthur.kieffer ,
thank you for this great solutions!

Using a searchbox might probably expose other users because of the autocomplete feature. But your second solution works very well! :slight_smile: :+1:

Thanks again for your help.

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