Privacy rule for Promotion/ Coupon Code

Hi, I am developing E-Commerce site.

I’m wondering what is the best privacy rules for the promotion/ coupon code field.

When users purcahse items on E-Commerce, they might have the promotion code and use.
***It is not possible to detect who has which promotion code.

There is a promotion code database in which the code and discount price are stored.
When users input the promotion code and if the code matches with the one in the database, the related discount price should be withdraw.

However, if I don’t set any privacy rules, then the promotion code in the database can be shown to anyone. Am I correct?


Privacy Setting:

Hope somebody gives me some advices.

Thank you in advance!

Hi im a little confused with your question. Unless your displaying the promo codes users wont be able to see them.

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Thank you for your reply.
I dont display it.

I thought if no privacy rules, it can be shown in the developer mode or something.
Some articles said that some data in repeating group can be shown if there is no privacy rules…

Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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