Privacy Rules 3rd Party API Get Call

I’m trying to set up Google Calendar API to get events…this has been done successfully, but I want to limit the fields available if the current user is not the owner of the calendar events.

I have the calls setup so that when a user is not online, the application can use a Get call to access their google calendar event data…I want to put privacy roles onto that so not all the information related to the event is visible unless the current user is the calendar owner.

Any ideas how to do that?

As I understand the privacy rules are applied to the data types that are actually stored in the database.

In your case it seems you use the API call as a datasource for directly displaying information in elements without storing it in the DB. Why don’t you just use the conditionals on those elements that show the calendar data?

I believe the conditionals would be referring to the current user, however, the data is to be available for a current user, who is not actually the ‘owner’ of the calendar data that is being retrieved via the API.

What I would really like is to be able to limit the data retrieved through the API call itself, so instead of just getting every bit of data related to the call, to actually request on the specific parameters that I am interested in.

So far reading the documentation related to the API, it doesn’t seem like there are any parameters to incorporate into the API call itself.