Privacy rules and dependent Data Types

Hi everyone !

I have a quick question : There is 2 data types : A and B. B is dependent on A so there is a OG-A data field on B.

I put a privacy rule en A : no one can see any field.
I put a privacy rule on B : everyone can see all fields.

So how about the OG-A ? Does everyone can have access to A because of the B’s privacy rules ?

Thank you all :wink:

Hi there, @ceabiven… the short answer is no, everyone does not have access to A because of B’s privacy rule. The privacy rule on A will still protect A’s data, and a quick test of searching for things in B and trying to see A’s data through B’s OG-A field should prove that out.

Hope this helps.


Aw, thanks a loc mike !

I just ordered a book about safety on Bubble today, hope to dig more into this matter !


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