Privacy Rules: can paste expression that I cannot build?

Hi there - ran into the seemingly common SaaS multi-tenancy problem that many threads here have encountered (cc @eli), and was trying to solve it. Seems frustrating that it’s not really solvable!

The root of the problem appears to be that the expressions that are buildable in Privacy Rules UI are very rudimentary: specifically, we only get access to This thing and Current User.

AND YET: just happened to be clicking around, and noticed that I am able to paste a more complex expression from elsewhere in the app. It doesn’t throw an issue or anything…so, I have to ask, is this a valid action? And if so, why can’t we build these directly in the UI?

@sam.morgan I think this is a question for you to investigate/respond to if/when you have a moment

FYI I just tested this in the app, and it appears this type of expression does not catch - as in, the logic of the rule doesn’t work (i.e. if I use the result of that search to provide autobinding access, then try to autobind, I get an error).

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