Privacy rules for inviting user to join team

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I have an app that lets admin’s invite someone to a team using a standard text input field, where they enter an email address and that then triggers a email to be sent to that person. It also adds the invited user to a “Invited team member” list in the “Team” datatype.

Now, when someone gets the email and signs up, I want to check if the users email exists in the “Invited team members” list. To do this, I want to set up a privacy rule that says “If the teams invited team members contains Current user’s email”. However, the Current User’s email isn’t available to me in the privacy settings.

Screenshot 2023-02-20 at 4.39.02 PM

Every other field is available to me but not email. Can someone point out why this is?


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Create field “email (exposed)” and fill it with the same value as “email” once user signs up, then use it in privacy rules. I didn’t try this, but should work. You can also add database trigger to update this field each time email is updated, then no additional actions in signup logic should be required…

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@vladimir.pak thanks for that. That was going to be my “Last chance saloon option” but wanted to understand why the email field is protected this way first. Thanks again!

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I don’t know the actual reason, but the unique_id fields (which is “email” for the User type) are not available in Privacy Rules.

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