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Privacy rules problem

Hi everyone.

Why doesn’t it work?

Thanks for help.

Hi there, @julianno.09… a bit more context might help, but in general, you can’t compare lists of items in privacy rules… so, that’s why the expression won’t resolve.


Hi @mikeloc, thanks.

A ‘Document’ is assigned to a ‘Team’. To view the ‘Document’, the current ‘User’ must be a Member of a ‘Team’ that is assigned to the ‘Document’.

Both 'Document 'and ‘User’ types contain ‘Teams’ (List) fields.

My difficulty is setting a privacy setting that restricts access to ‘Documents’ only to Members of assigned ‘Teams’.

Or the only solution is to create a ‘Documents’ list field in the ‘Users’ type, and whenever a new ‘User’ is added to a ‘Team’, run a workflow to fetch all ‘Documents’ from that ‘Team’ and add them to the new member? Because that doesn’t seem like the smartest way to handle it.

Yeah, any solution to create a privacy rule is going to involve making a “direct” association between a document and a user. You could have a list of documents on a user or a list of users on a document, but a list of teams on both documents and users doesn’t allow you to create a valid privacy rule (as you already know, of course).