Privacy rules where lists intersect?

I have users who have a list of companies and I want colleagues that have at least 1 company in company to be able to see each other, but the Privacy Rules can only ‘contain’ or ‘doesnt contain’. Anyone has a workaround for this or am I missing something from a privacy perspective?

Having the same issue did you manage to get around it?

This ultimately comes down to primary key/foreign key relationship.

In Bubble:
Thing: User
Field: Name, Type: text
Field: Company, Type: Company (Foreign key ie: unique id)

Thing: Company
Field: Name, Type: text
Field: Address, Type: text
(Any entree here will have the Primary key which in bubble is the unique id.)

Of course, there could be any number of foreign keys for any given table/thing.

Now you can make proper privacy conditionals based on the relationship.

This is how have st it up but still have get an error.

User = User
Company = List of Companies (Which is a Data Type)

I Can’t Seem to choose E.G first item

Screenshot 2023-06-02 173505

There was another thread with this same question today, so check it out. The short answer is you can’t construct that privacy rule.