Privacy with unregistered users

Hello Bubble community, here is a Bubble nocoder with some problems that I hope can help me solve:
What happens when a user registered in the app who is logged in shares their url with another user who is not registered in the application?
Although the “unregistered user” does not see the information of the “registered user”, he can create data in the app that is identified as “Creator: Anonymous”. It must not happen. Any “unregistered user” that occupies any link related to the app MUST be redirected to “index page”.
How do I make the pages (except the “landing page”) of the application exclusive to the users who are registered in it? Even if an unregistered user gets the url of another user.

  • My “index page” is my “landing page”

I could use very well clarity and some help from the community on “Privacy Rules” that is never too much (in case the privacy rules are responsible for this problem).

Set up a workflow on pageload to redirect non-logged in users to another page (such as your login page, or index page etc.)

You can also ‘hide’ all content on the page initially and only show it to registered users.