Private files via GET API Call

Hi all,
Hoping you can upvote this on the idea board. There is currently no way to make a file private when bringing the file in via an API call. The use case here is pulling back signed documents from an E-Sign provider. There is no way to build for enterprise clients without this.

Thanks for the support

In the meantime you can retrieve the public file, then reupload it to your app using Bubble Back End Utilities Plugin | Bubble
“Write from Base 64” action
Then save the new one and delete the old one.

Or a custom plugin to make the API call and save the resulting file as private directly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also we need an idea on the ideaboard, where when the idea is still pending approval is actually says something on screen for us that didn’t make it instead of just redirecting to Bubble home page. :pray: :rofl:

Great idea on the ideas idea!

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