Private Profile page that links to public subpages

Hello! I’m wondering how I would achieve the following

users can register, and they have a UID (assume default from Bubble). They can add an asset type but for each they add, it need to create a separate public page

.com/[UID]123…XYZ/ ← Profile page where they add assets and is PRIVATE
.com/[UID]123…XYZ/[ASSETID]ABC…321/ ← This is PUBLIC and shareable


I think we need a bit more information on what your app is doing and its functionality, however, you could just have 1 profile page (easier to maintain), and the elements that are displayed are conditionals based on who the user is, whether they are logged in or out, your privacy rules and permissions etc.

So the plan is to allow users to register and be able to add user generated content (lets say an image plus title etc). When they save their content, it gets its own unique URL under the registered users profile URL.
So /user-profile/data-type-unique-id
Then the user could share this URL for that specific asset with anyone can is publicly visible.

Yep that’s achievable - read through these two pages:

  1. Page slugs - Bubble Docs
  2. Privacy - Bubble Docs

once you have read and watch the videos, if you have any questions just reply in here

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