Problem accessing data from another app via API

Hi. I’m a little stuck on an issue with regards to changing DB data in another app via the API.

I haver 2 apps (both on paid plans). The first (A) is for authors (to add book data etc). The second (B) is for readers (to see those books, and rate them etc).

In app B, I have a popup in which readers can add a star rating to a book. As you can see in the screenshot, the popup has access to the book’s data from app A (this is coming via the API). The books cover and uniqueID are displayed (all in App A’s database).

However, when attempting to make a change to the book’s data (the star rating fields), in the workflow for the button, I can only access User and Lists (from this app, app A).

I have enabled change via API permissions in App A.

I have also created a privacy rule for the ‘book’ data thing, limiting change via API to logged in users.

Any immediate insights from more experienced Bubble’ers than me? Thanks in advance.

I should add that I am using Bubble App Connector in App B. Retrieving data is no issue at all. It is the ability to change data I am having trouble with.

Hi @kevincorti :wave:

As I understood, you are trying to make a POST in your app A from your app B, correct? So your users from App B can rate the books in App A.

Some questions:

  1. Did you already created the END POINT in your App A to receive the POST from your App B?

  2. Did you checked the log in your App A to see if you are receiving the POST correctly?

If both answers are YES, so you probably have a privacy issue. Try to check the option, in your END POINT, to ignore privacy rules during the workflow to see if you solve this issue…

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Hi @rpetribu . Thanks for your time.

App A (author app) holds the book data. App B (reader app) needs to retrieve it (I have this working fine) and to allow readers to change data (post a star rating to app A’s DB via the API).

I’ve removed a privacy rule, ‘enabled data API’ is ticked for the ‘book’ data type, and I refreshed meta data in App Connector.

So all remains the same - I can retrieve all the data, but I can’t seem to be able to set up a workflow in App B to modify this data in App A’s database.

So, first, you will need to create an END POINT (backend workflow) in your App A in order to be able to receive the POST from your App B (the rating). I don’t know how did you set your database, but I assume that you will need two information in this workflow: the uniqueID of the book and the rating (as number);

Did you already created this backend workflow in your App A? Are you seeing it in your App Connector (in App B)?

Can you share images of the configuration as well as the steps of your workflow?

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Ah, I see. I was under the illusion I could do database mods as soon as the 2 apps were connected (with the Bubble App Connector). But that’s just enabling data retrieval (GET). OK, I think I understand what I need to do (and read up on). I appreciate the help, many thanks.

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