Problem changing alert conditions

Hopefully this is a simple solution to a problem. I thought I had it figured out, but with no luck getting it to work yet.

I have an alert set up in a workflow to show up when a submit button is clicked and there is no reference to a field in the database (e.g. “Form submitted”). This works good. I am now trying to set up an alert, using the Conditional feature of the above alert, to show a different text when there is a reference to a field in the database (e.g. “Form not submitted”). Any assistance on how to do this? Attached is a picture of what I have, but it does not work. It still continues to show the original alert. Thank you.

Is this the Bubble Alert element? If so, in workflows, you can head over to element actions and change the alert text

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Thanks for the reply. Yes, it is the Bubble Alert Element. Correct me if I am wrong, but using that workflow to change the text, changes it all together right? Then it’s not conditional? For instance, let’s say I also wanted to not only change the text but also the background color, which is why I’m using the conditional.

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Ah, I see. Maybe you can use custom states? Add a custom state to the alert, then a conditional for it, then go activate it, when you submit the form, change the custom state

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Still doesn’t seem to work, and I’m probably doing something wrong. I basically need to display one specific alert element when an input button is pressed and field:count is 0, and display a separate alert element when field:count is 1.

Wanted to post an update for if anyone else ever needs a solution. Not sure if it’s the “correct way,” but it works. I ended up creating two alert elements, and created two separate workflows, with how to display each alert element using the “Only If’s.”