Problem Displaying Photos in a Repeating Group


I am having trouble getting photos to display correctly. I have set up my database in a way that I feel is correct so that all photos are linked.

  1. I have a Data Type of Photo. This has various Data Fields that I want to be passed along to all other areas that the photos are linked.

  1. I have a Data Type of Room Photos, as well as Data Type of Property Photos and Property Rooms. Each of these have Lists of Photos for a Data Field of Photos.

I have set things up this way for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I 'd like to have all Data Fields from the Data Type of Photos such as Photo Tag to be passed along to the other Data Types such as Property Rooms or Room Photos. Also, I thought (mistakenly?) that this would make it easier to display photos in various ways.

I’m trying to display photos in a repeating group. I have successfully been able to display when the repeating group is set up as type content of photos with a data source to search for photos with constraints.

The above set up displays all the photos correctly as seen below.

The problem is that when I try to display photos from the list of photos that come from other Data Types.

The above set up displays no images at all on the page.

When trying another set up as seen below where I reference the “first item” only shows the first item, but I want to display all items (which is why I tried the previous set up).

On the page display I can only see the first photo from the list of photos.

When I change the set up slightly to the following:

I get the same results displayed as the previous (only the first photo and not all)

At this point I have tried everything I can think of. I really feel that my first thought of having the dynamic image reference " Current cell’s Property Rooms’s Photos’s Photo " is the correct logic and should display all the photos in the list, however as shown I get no results.

This is really confusing me. Does anybody have any ideas about what could be wrong?

BTW, I can’t use the debugger because when referencing a URL element to display the correct information the debugger mode is not possible as it requires me to enter the parameter into the URL to see the information for a particular listing.

You were very close. The very first RG where you did Type = Photos and Source = Search for Photos is closer to what you need. Keep the Type = Photos and change the source from Search for Property Rooms to Search for Property Rooms’s Photos. This way, you’re going through the Property Rooms (with constraint on the Rooms) to display those record’s photos.

The cell’s image can remain as “Current cell’s Photo’s Photo”

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Thank you so much! I would have never thought to do that. Glad that my database logic was correct as that would have been a bigger issue.

Now I can properly display the photos no matter which Data Type I am searching for! Fun stuff.

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