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Problem Embedding Outlook Calendar on Bubble with <iframe>

As part of my project to build an app in two weeks, I’m trying to embed an outlook calendar onto a page.

People have had success doing it with this method:

However, I can’t seem to replicate their results.

I went to Outlook to get the sharing HTML code

I went to bubble and insert an html element and copied the code from stackoverflow. It looks like it was going to work because the bubble site was there.

However, when I put the URL that I needed to use ( from outlook, the iframe stopped showing anything.

Any thoughts? What am I missing?

Is your app currently enabled on your own domain over SSL?

If your app is loading over http instead of https, you cannot iframe an https site. The https content won’t display.

Hope this helps.


Thanks. This is likely the problem.

I’m just using a Bubble sub-domain at the moment.

So, if I publish to my own domain with an SSL then this code will (should!) work?


I haven’t looked at the code itself, but assuming it is the right code it will and no other errors, it should work.

It definitely won’t work if you’re using a Bubble sub-domain that is over http and not https.


Thanks. Do you know if you can get an SSL and use Bubble without having the professional version?

I know it’s possible with the professional version or higher, I don’t have that yet, but need an SSL!


Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to do without the Professional or higher plan.

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