Problem filtering Dates in repeating group LOST!

I must be missing something very simple, but I’ve tried multiple different ways to filter date in my repeating group dates and I keep coming up empty. I should have everything set up correctly but I’m missing something small and cannot put my finger on it. Please help!

in my Database I have “FORECAST DATE” as “DATE”

I can’t set the input as date

But I can set as a text, but clearly should be a date. However the input is blank pu the data shows up in preview as light grey text.

I’ve bounce this back and forth from placeholder to Initial Content and mostly the same results

The Dropdown Filter is set to group the dates by 1 month, but I’m honestly not sure what to put the starting date as. however Arbitrary worked

My repeating group is filtering all the other types with no issues. I just cant seem to get the date filter right…
I also tried putting
Multidropdown Month Filter’s value’s Forecast Date. just like the rest of the dropdown and still no good.

I tried replacing the input & dropdown just in case it had a bug. nothing
i have tried sooo many different way and I’m not sure what little thing I’m missing. and of course for filtering a forecast the date is key lol.
I’m fairly new at this and learning everyday but I’m lost at the date filter. any help would be greatly appreciated since I’ve been stuck for nearly 3 days lol :sob: :sob:

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