Problem getting index from array

Good morning forum!

I have a repeating group which contains tabs to display content. This repeating group are dates as shown in the following image.

I need to do several validations as shown below


Today is March 10, the event has dates of March 11, 12 and 13.
So the tab selected by default is the one for March 11.
If today is March 12, then the selected tab must be March 12.
If today is March 14, then March 11 must be selected.

I am trying to do this as shown in the image.

What I do is get today’s date and see if there are any matches in the array I get from the api connector.

The problem I have is that I can’t get the index of the date to provide the value of the custom state

I appreciate constructive responses

Instead of setting a state you can use the action “scroll to entry” and just use the Current Date and it will scroll to the correct entry. Then clear the state for Group Tab “current tab”. Now you can make a state for Group Tab called “currentIndex” and make that 1. Then make a “Do when condition is true” workflow and be sure to select everytime. The do when conditional should say Group Tab’s “current tab” is empty with Actions as follows: 1) Set state Group Tab current tab to Group Tab’s current index; 2) Set state of Group Tab “current tab” to “empty”(clear it’s value to trigger the workflow again) and Group Tab’s “currentIndex” to Group Tab’s “currentIndex + 1” and only do this second action (set conditional) when RepeatingGroup Dates list of dates item number Group Tabs current Index is not Current Date. Something along those lines of triggering a workflow to run as you iterate the index you are looking for should work.

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