Problem in connecting to PayPal API

Hi All,

Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong here?

What would the value of the Sender batch id be?

All I want is that the current user of the website to input their paypal id and dynamically enter the amount and get paid. That’s it.

Can someone help me please.

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hey Mirmohd1,

I don’t know if this will fix everything and make your call function, but the value for Sender batch id is empty. Right under the body of your request in the first screenshot you can see an empty input for both " Sender batch id" and “Recipient PayPal iD”. You’ll need to give these keys a value in order to initialize the call. Also, be careful with the empty space after Sender Batch id.

Hope this helps.

Thanks @jacobgershkovich.

Where can I get this value from? I couldn’t find it in my PayPal developer account.

They are empty because those are the dynamic parameters. Hence why in the JSON, they are in the brackets <>
I am not sure if Iam going down the right path.

I just want the user to provide me their PayPal id I send them money.


It is “your” reference. So an invoice number, or the date. Just make sure it is unique within the last 30 days (to prevent duplicate payouts).

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