Problem retrieving values from list records in backend workflow

First time trying to create records in the database with a backend workflow. I can’t figure out why this doesn’t work. I’m passing in a list of “Event” (3 records total) that is the result of a “Search for Event” and I pass this List to a backend workflow. This is working and the backend workflow creates 3 records in the “Tmp Inquiry Event” table. However, the field “EventName” for each of the 3 records is blank. This is the one field that I have to retrieve based on the Event list being passed in. the other fields are defaulted. So I tried to do this:

Bubble Create

The records are being created in Tmp Inquiry Event and it creates the 3 records.

I’m reading the Event (list) by index# (record #) = loop count passed in and specifying the value of that records EventName but it seems to return blank text. The Events table has an EventName field that contains data. Should I be retrieving the lists EventName field a different way?

Sorry, this actually does work. Something was wrong with the data file. I couldn’t modify or delete the records. I logged out and back in and was able to clear the table and it is now updating correctly.