Problem solving help

is there a way I can pay someone for problem solving help. I have a few bugs in my app that I cant work out so id like someone to walk through solutions with me.

Yes, could you share the bugs and problems you’re experiencing with your app? Then, I can see if they are something I could help you with.

  1. app links which send current user to a dynamic page of another user works in the desktop version but not on mobile. it just send the user to their page.
  2. 2 of my pages reset if you leave the page or refresh the page, I want a countdown to continue even if you leave the page. for example if the timer is set for 5 minutes and I leave the page for 2 minutes I want the timer to be at 3 minutes when the user returns to the page.
  3. I need a notification system as well but that might be a separate project.
  4. my messaging sytem doesn’t work

Ok, for the dynamic user page we will want to know how the app links are passing the data to that page. Does the user page have a data type called user? And then those link are sending the user to the page? Or perhaps the info is being specified via a URL?

With the countdown timer, this is a little tricky but we could create a data type called countdown which has the item on the page as a field and a number as a field. When user first visits the page and this countdown item doesn’t exist for the user with that particular item, then create this countdown object and save it under the user. Then add another section which says every 5 seconds, update current user’s countdown filtered: item = current page’s item:first item; add field number = this countdown’s number - 5.

Then we want to set the countdown timer and set it’s initial start time at current user’s countdown:filtered item = current page’s item: first item 's number

Do you use zoom? We can connect there and walk through the first two bugs because I think we can handle those in 10 or 15 minutes. And then discuss if you would like me to implement the fixes for you.

I have set up notifications and user messaging on a recent Bubble project, Afterwards we can discuss those items as a new project :slight_smile:

yes I have zoom!

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